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Double Murder In Armenia Provoked Mass Riots And Lynching

Double Murder In Armenia Provoked Mass Riots And Lynching

Four people were killed in the city of Gavar, 90 km northeast of the Armenian capital late on Tuesday.

According to local media, the first two people were killed in a shootout in Gavar. Two attackers fled in a car, but were involved in an accident and were hospitalized.

Numerous police forces were sent from Yerevan to Gavar, and Armenian police chief Arman Sargsyan was also present.

The hospital was taken over by the police, but relatives and friends of one of the victims, a military police investigator, broke into the medical center and carried out a lynching.

According to the Governor of Gegharkunik region Gnel Sanosyan, about 500 people broke into the hospital.

"They smashed the hospital's property, broke through police cordons, got to the ward where the wounded were lying, cut their throats, and then left. The police could not prevent them," local media say.

The police have not yet commented on the information about the murder committed in the presence of the Armenian police chief and numerous policemen.

The press service of the Armenian police only told reporters that a criminal case was opened on the grounds of the articles "murder of two or more persons, illegal acquisition and storage of weapons and ammunition."

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