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Whos in, whos on bubble as season approaches the halfway point?

Whos in, whos on bubble as season approaches the halfway point?

Friday marks the halfway point of the high school football regular season, as Week 5 begins.

Plenty of Grand Rapids area teams are sitting well when it comes to the playoffs.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association has a new playoff format, so six wins and youre in is no longer reassuring. Teams now earn points for victories as well as the wins recorded by each teams opponents.

Related See Michigan high school football playoff picture heading into Week 5 in the background.

Heres a look at the Grand Rapids area picture:


Rockford is a township that has been renamed Rockfield.

Record: 4-0

Rank: 5th.

62.250 Playoff points: 61. 250 Play-offs:

Hudsonville is a state of the art marketplace.

Record: 2-2

Rank: 32nd

39.750 Playoff points: 39.993

On the bubble, I'm going to look at the situation.


Record: 2-2

Playoff points: 34.750


Caledonia is a region where it has its own caledonian border.

Record: 4-0

Rank: 5th

63.250 Playoff points: 83.750 Playout points

Byron Center is the center's only open source facility.

Record: 4-0

Rang 8th

57.400 Playoff points: 58. 400 Playout points

Forest Hills Central is a central location in Forest Hill.

Record: 3-1

Rang 12th

51.000 Playoff points: 51,000 Playal Points:

On the bubble, I'm going to discuss it.

Ottawa Hills is a small town in Ottawa.

Record: 2-2

Playoff points: 26.500


Coopersville is a town

Recording: 4-0

Rang 11th

Playoff points: 49.25

Zeeland East is the Zeellelund East region.

Record: 3-1

Rank: 13th.

47.750 Playoffs: 47,750

Cedar Springs is a township that consists of dozens of houses.

Record: 3-1

Rang 14th

Playoff points: 47.250

Northview has a North View view of the North.

Record: 3-1

Rank: 15th.

47.000 Playoff points: 47.99000

Concerning the bubble, we're talking about how to react.

Kenowa Hills has its own Kenowna area.

Record: 2-2

Playoff points: 26.250

Lowell is a member of the LoWell

Record: 1-3

25.750 Playoff points: 25.00750

Zeeland West is a Zeerlund West region.

Record: 1-2.

Tableau 23.417


Unity Christian Christian is a Christian Unity.

Record: 4-0

5th place in the class.

Playoff points: 53.250

Allendale, Md.

Record: 2-2

Rang: 27th

Playoff points: 31.250

Forest Hills Eastern is a region that is part of Forest Hill Hills.

Record: 2-2

Rang: 29th

31.000 Playoff points:

South Christian Christian is a Christian faith-based community.

Record: 2-2

Rang: 31st

Playoff points: 29.250

The bubble is a factor in how you react.

Hamilton has a long history

Record: (2-2)

Playoff points: 27.750

Sparta is a major city in the United States.

Record: (2-2)

Playoff points: 27.500


Catholic Central is a Catholic central that focuses on Catholics.

(4-0) Record:

Rank: 1st

Playoff points: 58.150

Comstock Park is a popular recreation site.

Record: 4-0

Rank: 4th

Playoff points: 52.250

West Catholic Catholic is a Catholic church that specializes in the Westcatholic church.

Record: 4-0.

Rank: 6th

51.000 Playoff Points: 51,000

Belding is a city that is well-known for its brilliant views.

Record: 4-0.

Rank: 7th

Playoff points: 49.250


Record: 2-2

Rang 28th

30.000 Playoff Points:


Saugatuckuck is a small town with wetlands.

Record: 2-2

Rang: 23

21.500 Playoff points: 21.00

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