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Vote for Ann Arbor-area Athlete of the Week (September 15-21)

Vote for Ann Arbor-area Athlete of the Week (September 15-21)

ANN ARBOR Last week, several Ann Arbor-area athletes performed stellar performances to help their teams achieve successful moments.

MLive has gathered a total of ten athletes to be included in the Ann Arbor-area Athlete of the Week fan poll for September 15-21.

On Monday, readers will be able to vote for up to 6 p.m. when the poll will close on Tuesday morning, when it will begin on Monday.

See which athletes had the poll this week, and cast your vote at the bottom of the story.

NOTE: The results of the poll have no influence on any of MLive's postseason honors, and are intended to protect fans' respect for bragging rights and to express appreciation for fans.


Eliza Bush, Ypsilanti Arbor Prep, Elize Bush Ela Bush and ArborPrep Elia.


Bush secured her second win of her freshman season as she recorded a personal best time of 18:33.56 at the 52nd annual Huron Invitational on Saturday.


Grace Celso, Saline, Grace, and Salines were born Grace.

Golf Golf

Celso claimed a 41 medal and aided Saline in the 6-4 win over Jackson, Ypsilanti Lincoln, and Monroe.


Rachel Forsyth, Ann Arbor Pioneer, Rachel Thesis, and Ann Announcer Pioneer


In 17:48.3 to assist the Pioneers in the victory over the Michigan State Invitational, Forsyth took second place in second round.


Lila Harlock, Ann Arbor Pioneer Lilap Harlocked, an Ann Ann.

Field hockey is a disciplined sport.

Harlock scored four goals to lead the Pioneers to a 5-1 victory over Saline last Wednesday.


Makayla Kegerreis, Chelsea, Makakayala Kugerareis.

Field hockey is a sport in which players are able to compete.

Kegerreis scored three goals to help the Bulldogs top Pinckney 7-2 last Wednesday, and he followed up with two goals, to assist them finish tied against Dexter on Monday.


Saline Christian Rossi, Christian Rissi., Salines Christian.


Rossi continued his strong season with four goals in three Saline matchups, assisting the Hornets to a 2-0-1 record throughout the week.


Andrew Scherer, Dexter, Andrew Schaerers, and DeXter


Scherer scored the go-ahead goal to give Dexter a 1-0 lead over rival Chelsea on Thursday. The Dreadnaughts went on to win 2-0.


Eli Wiegman, Ann Arbor Huron, Eli Howgmann, and Ann Announce Huronce, Elliot Eli Wegm, Huroon Eli-Wogmen, Anne Hurone Eli Whogdman and Anne Arbor

Cross country

Wiegman was the top finisher for Hurons boys team with a personal best time of 16:58.50 to take eighth, as the River Rats took first overall at the Huronic Invitational on Saturday.


Braedy Wineman, Dexter, Braudly Winemaker, dexters,

Volleyball is a sport that combines volleyball with volleyball.

Wineman scored 43 assists, 14 digs, and six kills to help the Dreadnaughts beat Saline in four sets last Wednesday.


Anna Zell, Ann Arbor Greenhills, Anna Cell, Anne Zell and Announce Green Hills Anna, Zell. Annulous Green Valleys is the Ann arbor Green hills site.

Volleyball is a game that combines sport with sport.

Zell recorded a series of nine straight service points, including four ashes, to help the Gryphons beat Austin Catholic on Thursday, which helped them stay top of the conference standings.



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Connell Alford, Chelsea's Conley Alley, has just started as a cross country standout.

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