Why do the Mantle twins make a name change in Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 1?

Why do the Mantle twins make a name change in Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 1? ...

The first episode of the Amazon Prime Video series Dead Ringers in 2023 is recapped. There are spoilers included.

Rachel Weisz will be featured in a Prime Video series, so what else could be better than having two? We'll go with the other for the price of one.

Dead Ringers is a psychological thriller starring an award-winning actress playing twin gynecologists in this eagerly anticipated remake of David Cronenberg's 1988 film.

Recap of Season 1 of Dead Ringers episode 1

Beverly and Elliot Mantle meet in a diner together, discussing their own birthing facility. They want complete control of the birthing process and their own laboratory for future research. A man asks the two sisters for a threesome.

Beverly initially jokes with the man, but then verbally attacks the stranger. Elliot jokes that she never knew twins were so desirable, declaring that she is a superpower.

Beverly has her hair up in a ponytail, while Elliot's hair is down. They have very different personalities, both of whom are more serious, intellectual, and outgoing.

Beverly informs Elliot that she has miscarried once more. The twins spend many hours at Westcott Memorial Hospital dealing with many distressed mothers, blood, and different birthing methods.

Elliot likes to drink hard and go clubbing, and she meets a guy called Ryan.

Beverly meets with Genevieve, an famous actress. Beverly is surprised by this encounter, and she suggests Elliot change her hairstyle and identity. It's quite unusual to see this done many times before.

Elliot discovers that Genevieve has a heart-shaped uterus, which might result in future miscarriages. Genevieve is surprised by the news and decides to go drinking. Elliot invites her, but Genevieve thinks this is completely inappropriate.

The twins revert back after a successful birth day. The shift becomes severe. A woman has a stillborn baby, while another dies from internal bleeding following a C-section.

Elliot goes to the bar where Genevieve is, pretending to be Beverly, asking the actress many questions, then kisses her, causing her to be irritated at first, but she's secretly grateful for the chance. Beverly, however, is too shy to make the first move.

The twins prepare to meet with prospective investors Rebecca and Susan Parker on Thursday night. The wealthy entrepreneurs are to blame for the opioid epidemic, and the twins believe they are making a deal with the devil to get their birthing facility up and running.

Rebecca claims that their suggestion has irritated her to tears. She seems to be displeased with their proposal at all. Beverly describes how she's had a difficult day with the stillborn and a mother dying. Both tragedies are due to the system.

Beverly believes the system is flawed and wants to make a real change. Real progress can be slow and appear to investors as boring.

Rebecca is impressed by Beverly's passionate pitch and has since expressed an interest in the project again, although she wants to get to know the twins before entering a partnership.

Beverly meets Genevieve to discuss babies. Both seem to be obsessed with getting pregnant.

Elliot sleeps with Ryan, whom she met at the club, again. With this stranger, she is direct and direct.

Genevieve is surprised, unaware that Beverly had an identical twin the morning after.

Beverly lies, claiming that the twins never changed their identities at any point.

Beverly is in love with the actress but refuses to reveal the disturbing details of their encounter at breakfast. Elliot is spooked when she screams in the toilets on her own.

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