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The Timing Of The Presidential Candidates' Debates Remains Unchanged

The Timing Of The Presidential Candidates' Debates Remains Unchanged

The first national TV debates of candidates for the US presidency will take place in late September, but the order of their conduct may be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Tuesday by the ElectionCentral portal, which publishes information about the course of the election campaign.

"There is a chance that for some reason the debates will either be postponed or their format will change due to the coronavirus pandemic," the portal noted." However, there were no official announcements regarding possible changes in the order of TV debates, since they are still several months away."

The presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties will hold a series of three national TV debates in September and October 2020, the portal noted. They will be attended by Donald Trump, whose candidacy for a second presidential term must be approved by the Republican Party Convention in Charlotte (North Carolina) on August 24-27. His opponent will be named at the Democratic National Convention, which will be held on August 17-20 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). After Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders withdrew from the race on April 8, the only contender for the Democratic nomination in the election was former US Vice President Joseph Biden.

The first debate will be held on 29 September 2020 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, the second will be held October 15 at the University of Michigan and others - 22 October, Belmont University in Tennessee. For Vice presidential candidates, a televised debate will be held on October 7 at the University of salt lake city in Utah. The televised debate will start at 21:00 East Coast Time (04:00 GMT) and last 90 minutes. The live broadcast will be conducted by the largest US TV companies.

The time and place of televised presidential and Vice Presidential debates are determined by the non-partisan non-profit Commission on presidential debates, which was established in 1987 and is funded by private donations.

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