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The UN Accepted The Legitimacy Of The Government Of National Accord In Libya

The UN Accepted The Legitimacy Of The Government Of National Accord In Libya

The UN supports the political settlement agreement in Libya and opposes any changes achieved by military means. This was announced at a briefing on Tuesday by the official representative of the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric when asked to comment on the statement of the Libyan national army that it takes over the country and terminates the Skhirat agreement.

"Our position is unchanged. For us, the Libyan political agreement and its institutions remain the only internationally recognized form of government in Libya, as confirmed by the UN Security Council resolution," he stressed. "Any political change must take place democratically, not through military action," Dujarric added.

Earlier, LNA commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar promised to work to create conditions for the formation of permanent civil institutions of the state, according to the will of the people. The Skhirat Agreement, he said, destroyed the country, put it in a dangerous position, and "now it has become part of the dark past." In response, the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord of Libya called Haftar's statement on disavowing the Skhirat agreement a farce and an attempt at a new coup in the country.

This document, signed in December 2015 in the Moroccan Skhirat, is based on the UN peace plan. The agreement provides for the establishment of authorities in Libya, in particular the Government of national accord and the Presidential Council (acting as the head of state). Both are based in Tripoli and are headed by Prime Minister Faiz Sarraj.

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