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Organizers Said That The Paris Peace Forum Will Take Place As Planned In November

Organizers Said That The Paris Peace Forum Will Take Place As Planned In November

The third Paris peace forum, scheduled for November 11-13, will be held on this date. This was announced on Tuesday by its organizers.

They stressed that the main topic of the international meeting was to analyze the measures to be taken in the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. "The third forum will take place, and first of all because the current [health] crisis makes it clear that there is a need for broader collective action," said the Director-General of the international meeting, French historian Justin Vais, during an Internet conference.

According to him, the forum was decided to be held in a "mixed form" - part of the speeches will be made via the Internet. This is because it is far from obvious that the quarantine and various restrictions caused by the pandemic will be lifted by November. "However, it is quite obvious that the forum will take place," its Director stressed.

The initiative to hold the Paris peace forums belongs to French President Emmanuel Macron. It was put forward in 2018 in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First world war. Macron stressed at the time that one of the main tasks of the meeting is to discuss issues of preserving and developing the system of multilateralism in the world.

As the forum's President, a prominent politician and economist Pascal Lamy, a former head of the world trade organization, noted on Tuesday, "this approach to the forum's goals becomes even more relevant in the current situation."

Three main groups of issues are scheduled for discussion in Paris in November: organization and operation of health systems, economic problems, and issues of digital technologies needed to track people infected with the coronavirus.

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