Nintendo will repair all defective Joy-Cons after the warranty period, according to the European Commission

Nintendo will repair all defective Joy-Cons after the warranty period, according to the European Com ...

Few issues have reached a greater scope in Nintendo Switch's six-plus-year existence as drift defects in Joy-Cons. dragged (or joystick drift) problems This problem also affects PS5 or Xbox controllers.

It's a game that involves the joysticks moving independently of each other. This creates a nuisance both during browsing as well as during gameplay sessions.

Nintendo has never provided a definitive solution to this problem, although we have given numerous suggestions in this regard.


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Thankfully, times are changing. A couple of days ago, Nintendo announced that its free repair programs in North America were extended to Europe.

That is, Nintendo has agreed to provide free repair for all Joy-Con affected by drift problems in all EU countries.

Joy-Con's are eligible for free repair.

According to Nintendo's official statement, all Nintendo Switch controls affected by drift problems will be repaired for free by the company's technical support.

There are some exceptions. For example, Nintendo will not repair Joy-Con controllers that have been affected by a hit or fall, both for time and for their handling.

If you have previously repaired the Joy-Con Drift, the controls no longer have a warranty, and therefore Nintendo will not accept the request.

Nevertheless, the European Commission has revealed a new perspective on the subject through its official LinkedIn profile.

The European Commission has contacted Nintendo to discuss a number of issues in this regard... and they have announced that the Big N will repair all defective Joy-Cons after the warranty period.

'We've recently contacted Nintendo to discuss the persistent technical issue of broken Switch controllers, and we're pleased to inform you that they've agreed to grant all consumers the right to repair, free of charge, even after the warranty is up!

This European organization believes the news is quite encouraging, since much less Nintendo Switch controllers will be destroyed, and virtually every affected Joy-Con will be repaired for free.

The European Commission is urging us to restore all of the Nintendo Switch controls that have been damaged as a result of this issue. It's a big decision, which may come a little late, but at least we've got it on the table.

Have you ever experienced Joy-Con Drift or Drift issues on your Nintendo Switch? If so, you should know that at this link you may send your controls to the Nintendo technical service who will repair them for free.

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