Western Digital is developing Xbox Series expansion cards

Western Digital is developing Xbox Series expansion cards ...

According to a new Best Buys website, Seagate's exclusiveness on Xbox Series consoles may be ended. This expansion card for Xbox Series consoles is available for purchase from Western Digital, but the price may be different from the Seagate one.

Xbox Series console expansion cards may now be cheaper.

Seagate's proprietary storage was a major issue that Xbox gamers faced. Fans who wanted extra storage for their console would have to buy expansion cards that were previously only available through Seagate. However, another major player in the storage space market, Western Digital, has put up a new listing on Best Buy for expansion cards for the console.

This is still somewhat cheaper than Seagate's 1TB expansion card, which is currently priced at $219.99 USD. However, other manufacturers may help encourage people to upgrade their console storage.

Microsoft utilizes these proprietary expansion cards to play Xbox Series games.

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