GTA 6 is said to be a crime-free mode in Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA 6 is said to be a crime-free mode in Grand Theft Auto VI ...

The latest reports and rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI suggest that the latest spin-off may include a "Crime Free" mode.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be a completely new Crime Free mode, which is similar to GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

The Crime Free mode should be able to be activated at any time and turn the gameplay completely upside down. Thus, in this session, it will not be possible to commit any crimes, use weapons, and even the use of vehicles should be more "peaceful." The vehicles should be equipped with speed limits and lane departure warning systems that will prevent the player from veering off the road.

While Crime Free Mode is enabled, not all missions are playable. These must be resolved "Crime Free." This means that you must complete the tasks without committing a crime.

The reward system in GTA Online might also be similar to "good behavior," as should a number of unlocks, such as if you mow the lawn, farm, or walk the dogs. In Crime Free mode, there are even initial predictions that special mini-quests might be activated, such as helping elderly people across the street, carrying people's groceries, or tiesing loose shoes.

This information is only a guideline, and you should take it with a pinch of salt. However, if there is a Crime Free mode in GTA 6, would you like to try it?

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