Tears of the Kingdom: Breakable Weapons Again, but I Have Hope!

Tears of the Kingdom: Breakable Weapons Again, but I Have Hope! ...

Although it's been a whopping six years since the game was released, I can still remember how Zelda: Breath of the Wild grabbed me at the time of its release, freed all of the four titans, and gave Ganon a good slap. Part of that experience, however, was seeing hundreds of weapons crumble throughout the game.

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The fact that Breath of the Wild is a battleground, swords, bows, and shields have been captured or discovered in treasure chests at every turn and corner. Plus, the mechanics allowed you to try new weapons. It was always interesting, especially with the more interesting combat devices such as bows that shoot multiple arrows or lances that are reinforced with elemental magic.

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Because of synthesis, there is a higher degree of longevity.

Although it did nothing to ruin the enjoyment of the game, I can understand the displeasure. I had hoped that the weapons would neither be destroyed nor diminished in Tears of the Kingdom, nor would they be restored in some way.

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My hopes for such a crafting element have faded in anticipation of the forthcoming open-world game from the developers, yet at least the developers have taken note of the reaction of the fans. Weapons and shields in Tears of the Kingdom can be combined with one another or with other objects regardless of their durability.

Hope is the last hope that we can have.

On the other hand, it frees up space for my original idea – only in a modified form. In Tears of the Kingdom, I suppose I should be able to procure additional armor if I combine two versions together. I am hopeful that rare minerals might enhance the durability of items when combined together. (I'll give you the name idea for free, Nintendo)

When it comes to gear durability, I'll definitely have a lot more fun with Tears of the Kingdom when I'm not constantly needing new weapons again. Oh, and if this time I could cook the same meal many times in one go, rather than having to cook each skewer individually, that would be fantastic!

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