Amazon is offering a three-for-two promotion with titles like Dead Space and God of War Ragnark

Amazon is offering a three-for-two promotion with titles like Dead Space and God of War Ragnark ...

On Amazon, a new sale has begun that allows players to purchase three titles while paying only two for them. Offers include "Dead Space" and "Gran Turismo 7".

The shipping behemoth Amazon followed Media Markt and Saturn's '3 for 2' campaign. This means that players may select three games of their choice from a predefined offer and only pay for two of these titles.

The PlayStation Store does not stock the entire offer, although there are a few new games. This includes, for example, the PS5 remake "Dead Space", which received a 52.99 euro discount above the "3 for 2" promo.

Gran Turismo 7, a PS VR2 virtual reality headset, The Witcher 3 Complete Edition, Goat Simulator 3, and many more games are all participating in the campaign.

The following is a sample of the offer:

How does the discount sale work? On the linked product page, you enter three games of your choice into the shopping cart and then select the option "Add to shopping cart". At checkout, the price of the cheapest game will be deducted.

If you are more interested in it, a "three for two" promotion* has been launched for Anime products.

At Media Markt and Saturn, there's three for two.

The "3 for 2" campaign is still going on at Media Markt and Saturn, so you may browse through the selection there. High-quality items include "Hogwarts Legacy" and the remake of "Resident Evil 4", which was only recently released.

The same principle applies here: buyers select three games from the range and place them in the shopping cart. At the conclusion of the ordering process, the cheapest game is deducted, so that the discount for three expensive and one very inexpensive game is smaller than for three games of the same price.

You may also go directly to the sales from here:

The three-for-two promotion is limited and will run until Monday, 10 April 2023 at 23:59. Amazon's other similar campaign runs on this day.

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This week, a massive sale was also announced in the PlayStation Store, resulting in a drop in the prices of many games. We reported on the spring offers with more than 2,000 offers last Wednesday.

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