GTA 6 may have a cooperative mode

GTA 6 may have a cooperative mode ...

GTA 6 leaks are unlikely to be resolved before official announcement and release of the long-awaited game. One of the latest theories sheds light on the plot of the upcoming installment of the series.

dlovan666, a Reddit user, posted his thoughts. For thorough research and analysis, he used materials that had been leaked to the network in September almost six months ago. It was worth several gigabytes of data, mostly videos and graphic concepts from GTA 6.

According to this user, GTA 6's storyline might include a built-in cooperative mode. Players will control two main characters – Jason and Lucia. In one of the leaked cutscenes, two playable characters were visible, and there was no indication that one of the main characters was being controlled by artificial intelligence.

The GTA 6 gaming community was enthused by this news. They noted that playing the game together, even partially, with friends, would be an innovative and interesting experience.

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