Promo for Crucial MX500 SSD: 2TB of storage at a great price!

Promo for Crucial MX500 SSD: 2TB of storage at a great price! ...

Need high-performance storage with great capacity? The 2 TB Crucial MX500 offers both of these qualities at a reasonable price, much lower than when it was announced! It's even cheaper than Amazon's latest lowest price.

It's thus a significant reduction of over 80 €, which is currently being worked on by the e-commerce giant. Yet, for one of the finest Sata SSDs on the market, it's still 14% off.

At Amazon, you can get the MX500 2TB for €120.99.

Crucial MX500 has 2TB of storage on this internal SSD that is great for games and software.

Storage will always be the buzzword of war. For games and software that always demand more and more resolution and quality of our photographs and videos, it becomes more and more necessary to have adequate storage available to be quiet.

The Crucial MX500 is a great way to get the most value for money. For this technology, you'll have access to a 2 TB Sata SSD with very good sequential read and write speeds of 560 MB/s in reading and 560 MB/s in writing.

Sata SSDs have a lot of advantages over other platforms, in particular with older PCs that until now ran on a hard disk (also called HDD) — and, let's face it, can even be used in a hurry that you're planning to throw away.

With massive acceleration, boot time will be the most noticeable change! A fast SSD also means quicker access to your files and shorter loading times for your software. Especially since Crucial offers a step-by-step installation guide!

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