Playstation 5's next showcase is set ahead of the Summer Game Fest rumors

Playstation 5's next showcase is set ahead of the Summer Game Fest rumors ...

The Playstation 5 is undisputedly the leader of the current generation of consoles. Again and again we have both about the outstanding sales figures of the system and the perception of the competition. Therefore, many fans of the Sony console should be eagerly anticipating many announcements and trailers, especially following the cancellation of the E3 scheduled for 2023.

When will the Playstation Showcase be held?

According to Grubb, we may expect Sony to present a live program before the Summer Game Fest 2023. The live program by and with Geoff Keighley is scheduled to air on June 8th this year. However, Grubb has not confirmed when the Sony will broadcast.

On June 11, a Microsoft and Ubisoft front stand will be presented on 12 Junea Ubisoft Forward, according to the insider. If Grubb's Sony forecast is correct, it will not be his first correct one this year.

In February, an insider correctly stated the date for the first State of Play of the year. It wouldn't be a surprise if we saw a Playstation show just before the Summer Game Fest.

PC games enthusiasts are also a popular choice.

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Final Fantasy 16 cover story, Dead Island 2 preview, Resident Evil 4 reviews, Atomic Heart, and PlayStation VR2 are all expected at the new play5 05/23.

More PS5 news

The Playstation is currently focusing on PSVR 2. However, the VR headset appears to be having a mixed bag of sales. Also in connection with Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the Playstation appears again and again as a topic of discussion, especially in connection with the Call of Duty brand.

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