Grubb limits the time between big games showcases on PS5

Grubb limits the time between big games showcases on PS5 ...

Jeff Grubb, a Giantbomb editor and industry insider, gave us the weekend with fresh information on the still unofficial PS5 games showcase, which will begin in Summer Game Fest 2023.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's managers are still reticent about their gaming summers in 2023.

Giant Bombs Jeff Grubb, a well-connected insider who has repeatedly reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation are planning a massive PS5 games showcase, has provided plenty to talk about in a recent statement.

According to Grubb, the PS5 Games Showcase will take place before the opening event of Summer Game Fest 2023 (June 8, 2023). However, Grubb could not or did not want to name a specific date.

Is this the next stage in the PS5 cycle?

The upcoming PlayStation 5 Games Showcase will feature several exciting new announcements, according to Grubb, which will see Sony Interactive Entertainment and its third-party partners "herald the next phase of the PS5 cycle."

Grubb's claims that the days when the various PlayStation studios considered the PlayStation 4 were slowly but surely gone are, among others, revealed in the PS5-exclusive announcements of "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" or the Guerrilla Games action role-playing game "Horizon: Forbidden West".

Grubb wanted to know that Bluepoint Games' next major project ("Demon's Souls") will be featured in the PS5 Games Showcase, which has been rumored for some time.

More information on the topic may be found here.

The most recent reports regarding the PS5 Games Showcase followed the official canceled of E3 2023 this week. The organizers reacted to the fact that the leading names in the industry decided to cancel E3 2023 and instead go for their own events such as the Summer Game Fest 2023.

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