This video game is the first true 3D cyberpunk open world

This video game is the first true 3D cyberpunk open world ...

It's A Terrifying Injustice: This Video Game Is The First True 3D Cyberpunk Open World

Published on 02/04/2023 at 10:20

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We are interested in the first open-world video game from JV Legends (see video in the header). Nomad Soul with its city of Omikron, its various districts, all unique, its bars, restaurants, institutions, and accommodation. All without loading time.


Quantic Dream is a highly conceptual game. The demo behind it

A game that is ultra-conceptual

David Cage is a French musician who is also a creative and an ambitious musician. In his spare time, he created the city of Omikron and the game's narrative: Nomad Soul. Anekbahune is a dark, cold, and filthy place, with a very dangerous and filthy atmosphere. Qalisar, is a hot sector, a neon atmosphere, and a strip club. It is a safe haven from the Awakened, the people who conquer

The project is progressing, and the musician believes in it. Problem: If he manages to develop it, he doesn't know much about technique and code, and must spend a lot of time with a few friends from the industry.

Quantic Dream's Demo

The demo for Nomad Soul is completed in 1196. Publishers are concerned because the game is not popular, so he decided to start his own studio: Quantic Dream. This time, Nomad Soul succeeds in securing Eidos to support the demo. Surprise, the latter accepts! In 1999, the game was released on PC.

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