Olympic Games with a Difference Who will be the king of the island? Sons of the Forest: Olympic Games with a Difference Who will be the Olympic Champion?

Olympic Games with a Difference Who will be the king of the island? Sons of the Forest: Olympic Game ...

Sons of the Forest is now available on Steam from February 23rd. Despite some minor bugs, the game has been quite popular among gamers. Over the next few months, the story may also be expanded. Towards the end of the year, the console versions will be released.

Although the island adventure has many hidden secrets, they have been discovered relatively short and swiftly so far. However, the island also provides some hidden locations away from the story where we can find bizarre or useful gadgets. We have therefore sent a team from our editorial team to look for more or less meaningful activities.

Archery is a discipline 1 skill.

Chris and Michi, the editors, and an intern Tobi start their unique event with a classic competition. Archery has been a part of the program since the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris, and can also be easily implemented in Sons of the Forest.

We fix a self-made wooden wall to create the same conditions for everyone. The player who shoots the target three times with the modern bow wins the first discipline.

Intern Tobi excels. An arrow even landes in the middle of the 10th, putting the two competitors in command.

Michi is on his second place with a fairly large gap thanks to three minor errors and 14 points. There will surely be more to come in the next few rounds in search of a gold medal.

Chris stands at the marker and shoots his three arrows towards the target. With four, six, and seven points, he fails to match Tobi's effort, but he maintains his silver medal in archery.

After a discipline, the medal table is set.

Tobi: Gold 1x, Silber 0x, Bronze 0xChris: Gold 0x, Silber 1x, Bronze 0xMichi: Gold 0x, Silber 0x, Bronze 1x

What is the significance of PC games?

Jvelin throw in Discipline 2

Another traditional Olympic sport is continued in the second competition. Javelin throwing is said to be popular since ancient times. Also on the island of Sons of the Forest, spears may be easily made from sticks and duct tape.

The rules of our triathlon are quite simple: each participant has one throw per round. The longest throw is awarded three points, the second best is given two, and the last place is given one point. At the end, the points are added up.

Tobi wins again in the final round with two round victories, while Michi wins at least one round, this time Chris brings the front.

After two disciplines, the medal table has risen to a new high:

Tobi: Gold 2, Silver 0, Bronze 0Chris: Gold 0, Silver 1, Bronze 1Michi: Gold 0, Silver 1, Bronze 1

PC games are a great way to spend time.

Triathlon in Discipline 3

Let's move on to a relatively young Olympic sport, the triathlon. Medals in this discipline have only been awarded since the 2000 Games in Sydney. Our competitors return to the starting line after the run and swim. The final shot, however, is fired with a crossbow.

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