Five years after its release, they discover a strange new feature in Red Dead Redemption 2

Five years after its release, they discover a strange new feature in Red Dead Redemption 2 ...

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, Steam Deck, PS4 and Xbox One still contain hidden details,such as this rugged one they have discovered with the Photo mode. Is it possible that Rockstar will make a sequel to it with updates on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S?

Five years after its release in the previous generation of consoles, He rock star game It continues to entertain gamers with its interests, but as you can see, many users continue to profess curiosity.

To demonstrate something that Reddit user deutschesgesetzbuch_ has revealed, who at one point in his game decided to shoot an NPC and instantly utilize the digital photograph of the title.

According to a Reddit post, when you shoot someone in the head, you can see their jaw rise in Photo Mode.

Even though I've been playing this game for two years, I always find new things in it, but those who bought it prior to its release can attest to the game's success.

Besides, many other players have left relevant information such as that you may decapitate the NPCs in the game with a shotgun - "it was fantastic."

It's evident that being Arthur Morgan's character on the cover has implications.

According to another user, "you may also remove hands, arms, feet, and legs in various proportions," which is a fascinating but bizarre fact.

Other users respond to your questions about how blood works in the game, and that you may even stab a character in the game with an arrow.

De fact, Red Dead Redemption 2 enthusiasts continue to fantasize about some of the game's most famous unsolved mysteries.

It's clear that his graphics aren't the most commented on in the game. At the moment, and together with GTA V, they've recently reached new devastating sales milestones.

And with the addition of a new record number of players on Steam, it proves that 'age' is only a number and that the open world Western is still more alive.

Five years after its release, he joins the lurid new feature of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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