Links The Kingdom's Zelda Tears: Link's Strongest Power Isn't What You Think!

Links The Kingdom's Zelda Tears: Link's Strongest Power Isn't What You Think! ...

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Link's biggest power isn't what you'd expect, according to game news

Published on 02/04/2023 at 09:45

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom made a stunning comeback in the media recently thanks to a ten-minute gameplay video. Here, we will see how Link fares on the sequel to Breath of the Wild. If our young hero appears diminished at the start of the adventure, the new abilities available to him have enormous potential that can transform the face of this sequel to Breath of the Wild.


The gameplay in Tears of the Kingdom opens up the possibilities! Link's most powerful ability is the player who holds itBreath of the Wild was already using it, and it gave rise to absolutely bizarre moments!

The gameplay of Tears of the Kingdom opens up a whole new level of possibilities.

The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most anticipated games of the year, yet Nintendo does not intend to spoil much of it. On the one hand, the biggest fans of the license – and more particularly of Breath of the Wild – are becoming impatient, and, on the other hand, we wonder why Nintendo chose to give such a small presentation the day after our article (mentioned just before) – offering us, this time, a look into the very heart

These ten minutes spent with Eiji Aonuma, the legendary producer of the Legend of Zelda series, helped us unravel the four gameplay axes. Thus, we were given a pair of Joy-Con powers that Link will have at his disposal to pursue Ganondorf's goals for the tenth time.

What's interesting about Link's abilities is that he may mix together simple tree branches and other mystical elements to make them a playable object. This is what will make Tears of the Kingdom a fantastic game.

The player who wields Link's strongest strength

Breath of the Wild made the courageous choice to allow the players to choose their own paths and abilities, as they please, and to alter the ways of understanding the battles by surrendering their weapons.

Nintendo appears to have chosen to expand its permissiveness policy with Tears of the Kingdom SO. By granting players a great freedom of approach, Link's greatest power will not be found anywhere other than in the players' imaginations.

In this direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, we have most certainly only had the chance to see Link's abilities. We will have to find alternatives to the Sheikah tablet, the Cryonis, or even the Prodigies' powers, especially since the Sword of Legend has also appeared to be in some disrepair, as previous extracts from the game have shown.

It was already used by Breath of the Wild, and it resulted in quite bizarre happenings!

If we can conclude that the player's imagination is the most powerful ability available to Link in Tears of the Kingdom, it's not because the game's visual design allowed us to. As a result, the player's creativity is expected to be expressed equally as much in the future, whether it's weapon and ability combos, or gear customization.

The players, both overflowing with ideas and talents, will continue to delight us on Tears of the Kingdom. On YouTube, for example, some of them have made a specialty of posting this type of video, and each time we are amazed to discover how much it is possible to make devastating combinations if you know the rules and combine them in an imaginative and inventive way. As can be seen in the many videos of the YouTuber Peco who manages to make a powerful golden Lynel appear like a vulgar Boko

Tears of the Kingdom will certainly not be an exact match for the physics of the game, but it will at least be capable of unlocking its vast potential using a key which only imaginative and imaginative players will possess.

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