April 2023 Xbox Game Pass: What games will be added and removed

April 2023 Xbox Game Pass: What games will be added and removed ...

In recent months, the Xbox team seems to be planning to extend the Game Pass subscription to the greatest extent possible, while fewer small independent games can be seen on the gaming service. Quantitatively, the number of games in Game Pass is increasing, but the quality of projects is certainly increasing.

In April 2023, we already know about several significant games that will be added to the Game Pass subscription immediately following their release. Some projects will only be available on PC in Game Pass in April, and they intend to release them on Xbox at a later date. In this material, during the month we update information about new games for Game Pass, as well as about projects to be removed from the subscription.

This document is constantly revised and contains pertinent information.

Recall that eleven projects were added to Game Pass in March 2023 (some even appeared on new platforms) and 15 games were removed.

In April 2023, Game Pass will offer new games.

Everspace 2 (full release) PC April 12, 2023 Ghostwire: TokyoXbox Series X | S, PC April 18, 2023 Minecraft LegendsXbox, PC April 26, 2023 Cassette Beasts PC April 27, 2023 The Last Case of Benedict FoxXbox, PC April 2023 Homestead ArcanaXbox, PC

In April 2023, what will be removed from Game Pass?

The Long DarkXbox, PCApril 2023Quantum Break (???)Xbox, PC

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