In Windows 11, how do I hide desktop icons?

In Windows 11, how do I hide desktop icons? ...

In Windows 11, there is a tutorial on how to hide desktop icons.

Published on 02/04/2023 at 09:05

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Windows 11 provides the ability to place all of your applications directly on your desktop, as you desire, like its predecessors. However, did you know that you may hide them, without having to delete them?

In Windows 11, why do you have to hide icons on your desktop?

You may have seen the many icons that your computer might have on your desktop when you purchased it. This is a popular move by manufacturers, who like to have lots of pre-installed software on their computers.

As you begin to use it, you have surely added a lot of software, but also photos, videos, or any other type of file. If your office now appears like a disorganized mosaic, you can only blame yourself, but there is a technique that will allow you to lessen the clutter.

You may hide your icons in order to take a very clean screenshot for your work, or you may even record a video on your computer, without everybody seeing the dozens of icons that appear. on your desk.

Even for the aesthetics they provide, there are plenty of reasons to hide your icons.

The most straightforward and cost-effective way to hide your icons


This tutorial was developed in the month of March 2023, and Windows updates may slightly alter the instructions in this tutorial.

The first step is to go to your desktop. Following this, you'll need to right click on your screen and select the option "Display."

"Show desktop items" is enabled by default.. Just click on this mention and hop! All your icons are gone!

To recover your precious files, you will have to repeat the same manipulation from now on.

This allows you to hide the icons, but does not delete your files at all.

Windows 11 supports also making a few tweaks to your desktop using the same "Display" option.

You may alter the size of your icons (small, medium, large), but also decide whether or not to align them.

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