Final Fantasy XIV: A Major Update 6.4

Final Fantasy XIV: A Major Update 6.4 ...

Square Enix provided the first information about the major update 6.4, as well as other details, including the minor patch 6.38.

Patch 6.38

The release date for Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage) has been lifted. PvP skill adjustments. The sixth season of Crystaline Conflict is now available.

The Dark Throne Patch 6.4

New main scenario quests. The continuation of Somehow More Hildibrand Adventures quests. Crystarium's Crystalline Mean will be followed by quests to improve the tools.

The Aetherfont is a new dungeon that Yoshida believes are related to Ultima Online. The buildings depicted in Efirfont have a charlatan feel.

The Voidcast Dais is a new challenge for Heroes of the Age of the Empire. Zurvan appeared in the post-Heavensward expansion scenario The Warring Triad. Pandmonium: Anabaseios will be the third and final level of the eight-player raid. The Savage version will be released one week after the release of patch 6.4.

Stormblood Dungeons: Bardam's Mettle, Doma Castle, Castrum Abania, and Ala Mhigo will be expanded to include other players' stories. Gosetsu, Hien, and the mage Aura join the Warrior of Light. They have all passed Bardam's test.

More details on this letter will be forthcoming in the next letter. The Frontline will have a new UI element that will display the match time and score. The Borderlands Ruins (Secure) will be temporarily unavailable. The next Blue Mage update will be in patch 6.45. New enemies will appear in Masked Carnivale.

The Island Hideout will be upgraded with new abilities and visions. New items, materials, island crafts, and buildings will be available in the next email. Special furnishing items will be not be supported on the Island Hideout, although they will be displayed in groups and alliances.

The transaction fee for items sold on the market board may now be included in the total price displayed in the Overworld section. Goggles and wing fashion accessories will now appear when fighting in the Overworld. Items stored in various locations may now be selected on overlay glamor in the room. Scientists may now select between Eos, Selene, or Carbuncle when there's a North American Fan Festival in July.


The first round of official sales of official merchandise will begin on July 14th, before the Fan Fest. European pre-orders begin on Friday, March 31st at 12:00 AM PDT and end on April 22nd at 02:59 AM PDT. Shipping is scheduled for July 28th and beyond.

The 10th Anniversary Fireworks & Music collaboration with MIRAINO Hanabi will take place on August 26 at the Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan. Details will be posted on Lodestone at a later date.

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