To check search results, Google has included an option About this result

To check search results, Google has included an option About this result ...

A "three dots" option appeared next to Google's search results on February 29, 2023. Clicking on it will open a new "About this result" dialog.

On Google's website "The Keyword," the improvement has been announced officially. According to Google, the feature is meant to "ajute users evaluate information and understand where it comes from."

The rest of the screen dims when the About This Result popup is opened.

The pop-up window contains information about the organization, person, or organization in most cases, from open sources, such as Wikipedia. A link to the official website may also be provided, and alerts may be displayed that these are search results rather than advertisements.

If public information isn't available, Google displays when the site was first indexed.

As users scroll down the page, Google may display other information, such as whether the search result has been personalized "based on Google activity." It may also reveal additional information about the search and the specific outcome.

The "Why are you seeing this result" box reveals the major search keywords as well as information on its relevance and relevance.

Google displays four actions in the bottommost area:

Privacy policies Google's search algorithm is backed up a copy.

They may take you to help or settings pages, or you may download a cached version of the selected article.

The new feature is available on desktop and mobile platforms. The same badge is also displayed next to sponsored results in Google search. In this instance, Google opens the "Ad Management Center."

Users may report an ad, navigate to ad settings, and view advertiser information. The information is brief, as it only shows the advertiser's name and location, as well as whether or not Google has verified the advertiser's identity.

Google is also expanding its "About this Author" search capability worldwide.

So yet, a new "Top News Perspective" button has been added to the results, which Google claims is intended to "add more votes to search." The new carousel appears below the top stories and "shows various journalists, experts, and other relevant opinions" in the near future.

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