What happened to Lifetimes The Hand That Robs the Cradle? Who is the cast?

What happened to Lifetimes The Hand That Robs the Cradle? Who is the cast? ...

'The Hand That Robs the Cradle,' directed by Damián Romay and Bruno Hernández, is a thriller film that centers on a couple who hire a nanny to take care of their son. She soon discovers that the couple is the captors of the little boy, and she must do something immediately.

Filming Locations for The Hand That Robs the Cradle

'The Hand That Robs the Cradle' (originally titled 'Nanny Beware') was shot in Kentucky, specifically on October 24. The film's filming is said to have begun in early October 2022 and ended on October 24.

The Bluegrass State state in South Carolina offers a stunning view and numerous recreational opportunities. Here are a few shots from the thriller scene!

Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky's historic past is preserved while embracing modernity. Its vibrant neighborhoods, rich culture, artistic scene, and beautiful parks like Cherokee and Louisville Waterfront are all well-known shooting destinations.

The Kentucky Derby Museum, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and the Muhammad Ali Center are some of the best-known sightseeing attractions in the northern city. These include the Brown Hotel, the Seelbach Hotel, the Louisville Palace Theatre, and Old Louisville. Other thriller films shot in Louisville include 'Demolition Man,' 'The Insider,' and 'Exploitted.'

The Cradle Cast's Hand Is Robbed

Olivia Friloux plays Mrs.Tubbs in the Lifetime thriller. You may recognize Glaner from her roles in 'Let Love Grow' and 'Home for Thanksgiving.' Besides, Emily Miceli can be seen in 'The Hand That Robs the Cradle' as DeLondra, while Matthew O'Donnell plays Caleb, an uncle searching for his nephew.

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