What is the time zone of where and when does Copycat Killer take place?

What is the time zone of where and when does Copycat Killer take place? ...

The 'Copycat Killer', a Mandarin-language Taiwanese series, follows Prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi's meticulous efforts to track down the serial killer who murders independent young women for pleasure. The prosecutor's detailed investigation leads him into a group of young men, including the serial killer, who harms one of the prosecution's loved ones as well.

What Happens in the Land of Copycat Killer?

'Copycat Killer' is set in Taiwan's capital, Taipei. It's a television adaptation of Japanese genre fiction writer Miyuki Miyabe's novel 'Mohhan,' which translates to 'The Copycat.' Kuo Hsiao-chi is employed in the Songyan Prosecutor's Office. Songyan is an imaginary region in Taiwan.

The placement of Miyabe's novel in Taipei rather than Tokyo strengthens the same in several ways. For many years, Tokyo's population has witnessed several astonishing crimes and criminals, including serial killers. The character's significance would only be enhanced if the narrative is placed in Taiwan. The serial killer and the murders he commits are not uncommon, yet the particular detail is acceptable or believable.

Jung-chi and Chang achieve remarkable results by enacting the serial killer character in a similar situation. They then investigate the shock of the residents of the city as they are forced to be wary of an unprecedented serial killer presence.

When Does Copycat Killer Happen?

The film 'Copycat Killer' dates back to the 1990s, especially when it comes to pornography and its availability. He-ping's sadistic tendencies became apparent when he started researching the rise of pornography in the country, which led him to Sodom, where he tortured sex workers and eventually committed suicide.

The Taiwanese population was not exposed to brutal killings in the 1990s, which justifies Jung-chi and Chang's decision to place the narrative in the late 20th century. He-ping takes advantage of this opportunity to control the narrative about the serial killer as he manipulates information to protect himself.

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