Shannon Richardson: Where is she now? Is she still in prison?

Shannon Richardson: Where is she now? Is she still in prison? ...

'Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? 'F. B. I Do' is a story about Shannon Richardson, who sent hazardous material letters to prominent figures, including the President, and blamed it on her husband seeking a divorce. So, who is Shannon, and where is she going today?

Shannon Richardson, who is she?

Shannon Guess Richardson was born on August 31, 1977, to Terry Rogers. Her father raised Shannon at a General Motors facility in Doraville, Georgia. Nathaniel "Nathan" Richardson was in Kuwait for work-related matters when he saw Shannon.

Nathan learned about Shannon's marriage twice and she was an aspiring actress, having appeared in minor roles in popular television series such as 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Franklin & Bash,' and 'The Walking Dead.' The two met in a restaurant halfway between Texas and Georgia in April 2009.

Nathan moved Shannon from Atlanta to Texas and officiated their relationship. However, Shannon claimed Shannon would occasionally be controlling and pushy after the wedding. He began considering separation within a month of their marriage.

Shannon revealed that she had been diagnosed with brain cancer, but Nathan was not willing to give up on his partner. According to him, she made regular visits to the doctors and even went to Georgia for some chemotherapy treatments, but never permitted him to accompany her.

Nathan's life took a different turn in the 2012 spring when a credit card company called him to inform him that the card had been opened in February 2012 and that it had already maxed out. According to the program, he did a credit check and discovered there were allegedly six other cards to his name, all of which were maxed out. Shannon made an absurd claim that it was her ex-husband who made this assertion.

What Has Happened to Shannon Richardson?

Nathan wanted to divorce Shannon immediately, but her wife was pregnant with their child, and the Texas legislature did not allow divorce in such situations. When Nathan was apprehended at his workplace on May 31, 2013, Shannon claimed he had sent ricin-laced letters to famous individuals.

Shannon confessed to sending the letters to former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg on June 6, according to Nathan. She was apprehended on June 7.

Shannon was indicted on three counts of sending threatening messages on June 28 and reached a plea deal on all counts in November 2013. The prosecution dismissed most of the charges, including making threats against the President of the United States and mailing threatening messages. She was only sentenced to 18 years in prison as part of her plea deal.

Shannon was ordered to pay $367,222 in restitution, a $100 special assessment fee (for psychological testing), and five years of supervised release. The order also required her to undergo psychological treatment in jail even after she was released, which she would continue to do until she is released.

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