What Filmed in Lifetimes Was Filmed? Who is in the cast?

What Filmed in Lifetimes Was Filmed? Who is in the cast? ...

Tanya Moore, a well-known Hollywood actress, is being raconed by a stalker late at night, telling her to remember her previous mistakes and look for her soul. Together, they try to uncover the perpetrator's identity.

The Bobby Yan directed film is a suspenseful thriller that keeps you on your seat until the end. The haunting backdrop is a major component of all the dramatic and disturbing scenes in 'Stalked By Her Past.'

Her previous filming locations have left her feeling spooked.

'Stalked By Her Past' (originally titled 'Stalker') was shot in Georgia, specifically in Atlanta, following a brief shooting schedule on October 25, 2021. Georgia is known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South, with numerous tourist attractions such as Jekyll Island and Savannah and Helen.

Atlanta, Georgia

'Stalked by Her Past' was shot in Atlanta, Georgia's capital city. It's a popular nickname due to its famous feature films that have been recorded there. The Georgia State Capitol, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the High Museum of Art are just a few places that have served as backdrops for other notable projects.

Atlanta is nestled among the Appalachian Mountains' green hills, perfect for dramatic landscapes. Moreover, the subtropical climate switches between hot summers, mild winters, and occasionally occasional snowfall. Other films and television series shot in Atlanta include 'The Walking Dead,' 'Ozark,' and 'Hidden Figures.'

Her previous cast has left her stalked.

Meta Golding portrays Tanya Moore in the film. The actress has had notable roles in television shows such as 'The Boys' and 'All Rise.'

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