What Has Happened to Malia from Below Deck?

What Has Happened to Malia from Below Deck? ...

'Below Deck Mediterranean,' a reality series created by Bravo, is a spinoff of the famous 'Below Deck.' The stories and lives of the actors featured in the program often attract admirers across the world. Malia White, for example, stole the public's attention quickly due to her charmable personality.

Malia White's Below Deck Journey

Malia White first appeared on the Bravo show during season 2. She was not only a Deckhand for Sirocco, but also a reality TV cast member. Despite her newfound fame, Malia was determined not to let the new setting detract her from her determination to rise through the ranks and become a Captain herself.

Malia made a brief comeback as the Bosun of The Wellington in season 5 but Hannah was forced to withdraw from the crew. This resulted in Hannah being evicted from the crew.

Malia returned to the show for the next season, after a romantic relationship with Engineer Jake Baker. Additionally, the crewmate wanted to concentrate on her studies and career in a different position.

What Has Happened to Malia White?

Malia appears to be on her way to becoming a top dog in the superyacht business. In January 2023, she announced to the world that she had officially become an Officer of the Watch. The end result seems to have brought a smile to her face.

Malia enjoys the serenity of water even when she is not working. She has her own podcast called “Total Ship Show,” which covers sea life and other fascinating marine topics. Given her background, it is no wonder that she has visited some of the most beautiful places in the world through her social media.

Malia appears to have stopped dating anyone as of writing. Her three on-screen relationships started and ended on specific boats, although it appears she has recovered from her "boatmances." She loves skiing and is often accompanied by her friends and family, who are eager to encourage her. In fact, her big brother, Arin White, seems to be as much an adventurer and sea lover as Malia herself.

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