What Has Happened to Tim from Season 12 of Hoarders?

What Has Happened to Tim from Season 12 of Hoarders? ...

A&E's 'Hoarders' reality show has left fans with mixed emotions. Since its premier in 2009, the show has introduced viewers to a wide spectrum of personalities who often become a topic of conversation for those in the audience. In season 12, episode 6, the public gets to meet Tim, who has started affecting those around him, including his immediate family.

Tim's Hoarders' Journey

Tim has accumulated a large amount of items over the course of 52 years, including various automobiles, electrical devices, and many others. Given his experience with working with things such as air conditioners, Tim desired to work on a wide array of items. However, her mental health began to decline after she was diagnosed with Catatonia.

Tim revealed that he had been in conflict with local Code Enforcement for about 30 years. He also realized that he would lose his two houses if he did not clear up the clutter. He also realized that he would have to give up certain items if he would not be able to complete all of his planned projects.

Tim seemed hesitant to withdraw from the experts on more than one occasion, but after his process was completed and his home was 45 tons lighter, both Dr. Robin Zasio and Cory Chalmers struggled to establish a comfortable connection with him.

What has happened since Tim took his place?

Tim's displeasure at the whole process sounded to have only gotten worse since he was introduced to the program, apparently referring to it as the "biggest mistake he ever made." The former psychologist claims to have continued the cleaning process, though the speed is rather slow for the same. He also did not utilize the showrunners' aftercare services.

Tim's on-screen appearance sparked outrage among fans who took to the internet to express their displeasure at his actions. One Reddit user claimed that the internet's outrage was unjustified: Betsy is their mother, and she left the program midway through because she was "triggered by what happened with her and her brothers, and that leaving was the best option for her."

Fans have expressed admiration for Tim and expressed concern for his wife Wilhelmina's health, despite their opinions. The couple, both 52 years old, had been married for the duration of the program, and had known each other for about a year prior to tying the knot.

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