What Has Happened to Cobra from Hoarders Season 12?

What Has Happened to Cobra from Hoarders Season 12? ...

'Hoarders' has been a popular show among those who are enthused by the program's concept since it was introduced in 2009. The whole tale, from start to finish, is a fascinating one that many viewers are interested in.

Hoarders' Journey with Zee Cobra

Zee Cobra's 37-acre property, which featured in the A&E show, was without doubt one of the most impressive homes. However, the number of things to sort through in the house became even greater when his son William and the latter's girlfriend Tykarra stated that he would have to begin living in a much healthier environment if he wanted to be a part of his soon-to-be-born granddaughter's life.

Cobra decided to get a job and tidy up the house, especially his future grandchild, because he didn't want to be separated from any of his parents. When psychologist Dr. David Tolin first arrived at the wrestler's house, he was concerned about Cobra's drowsiness. Because of his diverse health issues, he wanted him to drink as much as he could.

Cobra had a barn and a trailer, all of which were filled with various things. With more than 15 cars and a bunch of clutter, his house was hardly usable. It was also infested with rodents, resulting in a filthy environment filled with feces and urine.

The cleaning process was pushed back by a severe rainstorm, although it also helped Dorothy Breininger and her crew realize that the roof of Cobra's house was severely damaged and was letting the rain in. There were many moving moments, such as the time when Cobra shared his mother's ashes. In order to honor his achievements, Dr. Tolin and Dorothy gave him a gold champion belt for "de-hoarding."

What Has Happened to Zee Cobra?

Cobra is doing well in his life, according to William and Tykarra, who welcomed their youngest daughter into the world shortly after his cleaning spree. Despite his lack of social media usage, the wrestler seems to maintain his sense of humor and flair.

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