Recap and Conclusion of the Season 2 Finale of In/Spectre

Recap and Conclusion of the Season 2 Finale of In/Spectre ...

Kajio and Jujoji, two close friends who dine together for a meal when the latter accuses the former of murdering his wife, are led by Kotoko, who asks him a difficult question. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of the Season 2 finale of In/Spectre Recap of the Season 2 Finale of In/Spectre

Jujoji invites Kajio to a unagi restaurant. The two friends have known each other for a long time. While Kotoko is enjoying her meal alone, Jujoji notices her at several points but does not speak to her directly. Yuki was tragically killed in a mugging.

Jujoji disagreed and felt that his friend should be held accountable for the crime. He argued that Kajio has committed a string of mugging crimes in the area just to hide his innocence. But despite the charges, Kajio remained calm and just ate his food. This eventually made Jujoji feel guilty and he concluded that a murderer will not be so calm when he is accused of a crime that he has committed.

Kajio killed Yukie in the second season of In/Spectre Season 2?How Did Kotoko Solve the Case?

Kajio decides to go home but finds Kotoko waiting for him outside the station. She asks him whether or not he will surrender his innocence to Yukie, who he has no desire to do so.

Kajio managed to murder his wife and was not even questioned by everyone until eventually. He felt lighter and at peace in the days leading up to that.

Kajio met Jujoji on that day just to have some good memories. He did not expect his pal to accuse him of the crime he is guilty of committing. She has just uncovered the truth about Yukie's family. She was quite surprised when she saw her husband's ghost clinging to him for retribution.

The more Kotoko talks, the more it becomes evident that Yukie's ghost is correct.

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