In Power Book II: Ghost, will Diana and Tariq end their lives together?

In Power Book II: Ghost, will Diana and Tariq end their lives together? ...

Tariq St. Patrick, who was killed by his father, is the main supporting character in the original series. His mother takes the blame so that he may live a normal life. However, Tariq soon discovers that he will never be able to escape his father's legacy due to he must start selling drugs to protect his family.

Diana Tejada (LaToya Tonodeo) is a well-known character in 'Power Book II: Ghost.' She is the daughter of Monet (Mary J. Blige) and Lorenzo Tejada Sr. (Berto Colon), as well as Cane (Woody McClain) and Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray).

Will Diana and Tariq Finale Their Relationship?

Diana is the opposite of Tariq in many ways, forming an interesting dichotomy between the two characters. Although Diana is the only member of her family to have killed anybody, Lorenzo goes straight to the airport with the intention of killing Mecca, but accidentally ends up killing Zeke.

Diana is established as Tariq's potential love interest early on in the series, although their paths become more separate from each other as the series progresses. In season 1, Tariq grows close to Diana, his former girlfriend Effie, and another girl named Lauren, which inevitably causes trouble in the Stansfield student body.

Diana almost always gets drawn into it whenever there is a problem. In season 3, Lorenzo, her father and the person she is closest to in the family, asks her to move drugs so he may protect her mother and brothers, and as always, Diana consents.

Diana will surprise the viewers with her manipulative side in season 3, according to Tonodeo. "She understands how to manipulate well, and she does so with all her might."

Tariq and Diana are not connected to one another right now. Tariq is with Effie, while Diana is dating Salim Ashe Freeman, their new professor assistant, Harper Benett. However, Salim seems to question his decision to pursue her romantically.

In season 3, Diana is initially irritated with Effie, though their relationship improves in episode 3. In the 'Power' franchise's violent world, everything changes, and they may end up together.

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