Is a True Story a Good Person?

Is a True Story a Good Person? ...

'A Good Person' is a drama film directed by Zach Braff and starring Florence Pugh ('Midsommar') as Allison, a young woman who undergoes self-healing while realizing some relatable themes. So, here's what you should know if 'A Good Person' is based on a true story!

Is a Good Person a True Story?

No, the film 'A Good Person' isn't based on a true story. It's based on an original script written by Zach Braff, who is well-known for his performance as J.D. in the medical comedy-drama series 'Scrubs.' Although he's well-known for his first directorial feature 'Garden State,' it was released in 2004 and gained widespread recognition.

'A Good Person' is Braff's third role in directing a screenplay inspired by the mildly received comedy-dramatic film 'Wish I Was Here.' The film's conceptualization, however, was driven by his personal experiences.

Braff lost his father, sister, and two close friends in quick succession a few years before composing the script for the film. "I was just overcome with not only experiencing my own grief but also experiencing how those closest to the tragedy were able to stand back after the tragedy," Braff said in the interview.

'Terms of Endearment,' a 1983 family comedy-drama film by James L. Brooks, was a strong influence on Braff.

Allison, a young woman, undergoes substantial changes in her life after losing her fiancé in a tragic car accident. The film also explores the theme of substance abuse as Allison relies on drugs to soothe her grief. "It just felt like something fairly universal," Braff said of the film's general theme.

It is safe to assume that 'A Good Person' is not based on actual events. It is a fictional story that explores the themes of grief and tragedy, with a hint of humor. The movie's emotional core is the unlikely relationship between the two main characters, who help each other overcome a tragedy.

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