Erik Weissman's Sister: Where is Aria Weissman's sister?

Erik Weissman's Sister: Where is Aria Weissman's sister? ...

'The Murders Before the Marathon,' a documentary on a 2013 Boston Marathon bomber, gives us a complete picture of the incident. That's because it contains information on the trio's connection to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the latter's deep radicalization, as well as everything in between. Yet, for the time being, we've got you covered. Eric Weissman's sister Aria.

Aria Weissman, who is she?

Aria is Erik's younger sister; when she was murdered alongside two close friends on September 11, 2011, she was only 25 years old and still navigating the complex world. "I owe] everything I know, probably, to him. He taught me so much," she once said. "He was an incredible guy." This is also why the Weissman family's world was turned upside down by the investigations into the case.

Aria was informed that her brother kept a storage shed a few days after the killings, which prompted her to contact the organization for sentimental reasons. He rang her in a short while later, threatening to prosecute her for interfering in an ongoing investigation. She was also reportedly interrogated at a police station in these early days.

Aria Weissman: What Has Happened to her?

Aria has maintained that the triple homicide victims were always misrepresented due to their marijuana affiliation, and even the attempts to resolve their situation were rarely extensive. "It just sort of faded off the map and became swept under the rug," she said. "And then, all of a sudden, there wasn't even enough time to investigate the April 15 [2013, Boston Marathon] bombing, and there was just enough time to investigate the other two guys' murder."

"Even friends of the family said, 'Oh, you must be so relieved, now there is closure," said Aria. "But to the families, there is no closure."

Aria is primarily focusing on her career as well as her family, as well as her life partner. Erik remains in a much better light now that she has passed.

"When I fought for answers, I wasn't thinking about mother Aria, or career Aria, or wanting to live my life Aria," Aria wrote on Facebook in part in 2022. "I was lost, broken, I want justice Aria."

After 11 years of grieving, she said she now has "other parents to converse with during day care drop off and pick up, doctors to collaborate with around shared patients, people to empower and support... "What I can reflect back on is that, despite my buried rage and sadness, Erik is still relevant to who I am... Grief is not linear. It throws curveballs, it knocks you down, and it builds you up... Somehow you learn to harness my grief."

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