What Was The Filmed of Malum?

What Was The Filmed of Malum? ...

Anthony Diblasi served as the director of the remake of his own 2014 film 'Last Shift,' a horror thriller film starring Jessica Sula as Jessica Loren, a newly appointed police officer who is assigned to the last shift to oversee a decommissioned police station. She is stunned by strange supernatural events in the shady station.

Jessica Sula discovers that her family has links to a demented cult leader who haunts her at the police station. Most of the horror film takes place inside the abandoned police station as the protagonist experiences terrifying visions across various rooms and hallways of the building. We have got you covered!

Locations for Malum filming

'Malum' was shot in Kentucky, particularly near Louisville, according to sources, the film's principal shoot for the Jessica Sula starrer began in August 2022 and ended in early September of the same year. Let's take a look at all the specific places that can be seen in the horror movie!

Louisville, Kentucky

The majority of 'Malum''s pivotal scenes were shot in Louisville, with the production team traveling to a few different locations suitable to the film's overall mood. Relatives to abandoned structures are well-known, making them the perfect setting for a horror film. For 'Malum,' the film is shot in a decommissioned police station.

The filming crew figured out something quite appropriate when they set up camp inside the former Louisville Metro Police Department, which is being demolished. The building's stuttering layout features several sections in different scenes as the protagonist seeks to unravel the building's past and hidden paranormal events.

As they captured several critical scenes of the horror thriller, locals and passersby saw them in and around Molly Malone's Irish Pub & Restaurant at 933 Baxter Avenue in Louisville.

'Mom and Dad,' 'Exploited,' 'Don't Tell a Soul,' and 'Family Blood' may be seen as backdrops for other local attractions and landmarks.

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