Susan Zalkind: What Has Happened to an Investigative Journalist?

Susan Zalkind: What Has Happened to an Investigative Journalist? ...

'The Murders Before the Marathon,' a Hulu original that tries to unravel the mystery of the 2011 Waltham triple murder and its connection to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, is undeniably gripping. Particularly because a victim in the former was her friend, she's got all the necessary information for you.

Susan Zalkind, who is she?

Susan Clare Zalkind, a Massachusetts native, had a long history of investigative reporting, despite majoring in History and minoring in African Studies. NECN, the site of the triple murder discovered in early September

Susan wanted a chance at reporting on this incident because it occurred near her hometown of Cambridge, and also because it was unusual in the sense of its brutality. However, once the names of the victims were revealed a few days later, her whole perspective changed. Along with Brendan Mess and Raphael Teken, Erik Weissman was also on there.

Susan continued, "He had a gentle heart, a quick mind, and a kind heart... He believed in me," so she sat down with him after she ended her career. Despite the fact, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, could not help but return.

Susan decided to drop out of her job and pursued freelance work to become the investigative reporter she once dreamed of becoming. From having her articles published in Boston Magazine and This American Life to leading a three-part Hulu series, she has done it all. Plus, she has managed to broaden her horizons by covering other high-profile cases like Michelle Carter's girlfriend, sexual predator Owen Labrie, and murderer Michael McCarthy.

What Has Happened to Susan Zalkind?

"The whole point," Susan said when asked about 'The Murders Before the Marathon,' while inadvertently implying who she is as a professional. "Even if it's inconvenient or difficult, accuracy matters." I hope [viewers] recognize how critical this incident was to the bombing story as well as how we as a society deal with inconvenient truth."

Susan still lives in New England as a proud independent journalist, writer, and producer at the moment. Not only has she previously appeared on notable platforms such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, NECN, and BBC, she is also an active New England correspondent for The Guardian, The Daily Beast, and Vice.

Susan appears to be planning to release her book 'The Waltham Murders: An Unsolved Homicide, a National Tragedy, and a Search for the Truth' in September 2023. At least, until the entire truth about what transpired on September 9, 2011 is revealed.

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