Explaining the Ending of Boksoon: Does Bok-soon Renew Her Contract?

Explaining the Ending of Boksoon: Does Bok-soon Renew Her Contract? ...

'Kill Boksoon' is a South Korean action thriller directed by Byun Sung-hyun that stars Jeon Do-yeon as the titular character. The movie is set around a dangerous assassin-for-hire Gil Bok-soon, who is also a single mother to a distant teenage daughter, Jae-yeong. At the same time, Jae-yeong's life also downspirals as a by-product of

Synopsis of the Kill Boksoon plot

Gil Bok-soon is living a double life as a well-known assassin and single mother to her adolescent daughter Jae-yeong, who has two jobs that are significantly more difficult for her than the other. Cha Min-kyu, Bok-soon's old friend, has a metaphorical goal on Bok-soon's back.

Bok-soon gets paired up with an MK intern, Yeong-ji, who seems to despise her. Their task is to kill a young man and make it appear like a suicide. The suicide note she has to plant in the boy's room will help clear the Senator's name from the whole debacle.

Min-kyu admits that she has been wrongly assigned the case. She also admits that she will not be assigned the case again.

Jae-yeong stabbed her classmate, Cheol-woo, at school, only to be denied by her mother. He had threatened to exclude her if she didn't date him for a while, so Jae-yeong stabbed Cheol-woo in her anger.

Min-hee learns about Bok-soon's botched operation and retaliates against the girl who gets bok-soon's special treatment. This group of assassins includes Han Hee-seong, Bok-soon's current lover.

Boksoon's Ending: Does Boksoon Renew Her Contract?

Bok-soon is an exceptional asset to MK Ent, where she meets professional assassin Min-kyu at the age of seventeen when she murdered her abusive father. She has been chosen high-paying, high-priority positions, and is admired by others.

Bok-soon is yet to sign a new contract with MK. Despite her mistakes on the Senator's son, Min-kyu finally convinces Bok-soon to accept the offer.

Min-hee knows what to choose with Bok-soon and even dispatches killers after Bok-soon. Therefore, when Bok-soon comes to her office to renew her contract, Min-hee tells her about Yeong-ji's sick power plot.

Do Cha Min-hee and Hee-Seong die?

The tension between Min-hee and Bok-soon arises when Min-hee asks for Bok-soon's contract renewal at Min-hee's workplace. She believes she has the upper hand in their game. Bok-soon has developed a strong attachment to Yeong-Ji, especially after repeatedly backing Bok-soon.

Hee-seong is the other character who is murdered by Bok-soon. Hee-seong is a good-natured guy by the way. Hee-seong appreciates her effort to help him several times.

Is Jae-yeong able to see the video?

Jae-yeong thinks her mother is a top-secret government agent at the end of the film. Bok-soon refuses to refute the lie and lets her daughter believe it. Therefore, Bok-soon is hesitant to disclose any of her secrets to her daughter.

Bok-soon meets Min-kyu in his office at night and confesses to Jae-yeoung that he killed him. There are cameras in his office, and Min-kyu knows she will be murdered.

Bok-soon runs home, confirming that Min-kyu has lied on her way back. When she returns, Jae-yeoung sees her mother kill her. She threatens Cheol-woo as well, as she does so.

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