Elizabeth Sullivans Friend: Where is Nathan Caracter's Friend?

Elizabeth Sullivans Friend: Where is Nathan Caracter's Friend? ...

'Dateline: Secrets by the Bay,' a program hosted by NBC, investigates Elizabeth Sullivan, a then 32-year-old mother of two, who disappeared from her home in San Diego on a fateful October night, only for her body to be discovered nearly two years later. All of Elizabeth's loved ones finally received the answers they'd been searching for. Nathan Caracter, however, denied this.

Nathan Caracter, who is he?

After Elizabeth Sullivan purchased a pair of eyeglasses from him while working as an optician in San Diego, California, Nathan Caracter knew all about her marriage troubles with Matthew and her desire to end her husband for the rest of her life. In fact, the night before she went missing, she spent the night planning her divorce.

Nathan once said she was smart, very intelligent, and a good mother, who was committed to her children's well-being. Elizabeth was showing him that she was taking charge of his life rather than letting it lead her. "Something just didn't make sense," Nathan said.

What Has Happened to Nathan Caracter?

Nathan Caracter testified against Matthew Sullivan after she was apprehended and sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for her murder of Elizabeth Sullivan. He discussed their alleged domestic abuse and answered questions about the two "pretty big" refrigerators at the Sullivans' Liberty Station home, where Matthew kept his wife's remains for two years.

Nathan stated in March 2021 that he will not give up on his pain of seeing him differently than he does now. He is still trying to pursue his interests in the legal field.

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