Where Are They Now? No Limbits Shark Tank Update

Where Are They Now? No Limbits Shark Tank Update ...

Adaptive clothing for persons with disabilities is not only rare, but also unappealing. Therefore, most individuals with disabilities find it difficult to wear regular clothing, which isn't adaptive. Erica Cole first appeared on season 13, episode 18, to demonstrate her unique product, which would allow individuals with special needs to wear everything casually.

Erica returned to 'Shark Tank' in season 14, episode 18, to update the Sharks about her brand. A lot has changed since her last appearance on the show. Let's look at the product and trace the company's growth?

Who Are These Limbits and What Do They Do?

No Limbits was founded in 2019 by Erica Cole, a graduate of Iowa's University of Technology. Interestingly, she had little previous experience in the fashion industry prior to launching No Limbits, which initially put her off starting her own business. However, Erica never turned around when discovering how her incredible concept got her accepted to the Target Incubator program and the Future Creators Fellowship.

Erica joined the Halycon Cohort 14 Fellow in 2021 after losing her leg in a severe car accident. She was also surprised that such a serious issue would not be resolved.

Erica discovered the handcrafted adapted clothes to be of enormous benefit, yet she was hesitant to start her own business after being accepted into the Target Incubation Program.

What Has Happened to Limbits?

Erica decided to launch her business via a Kickstarter Campaign in May 2021, which resulted in a large investment of $14,236. She was inspired by the positive feedback she received. A pair of adaptable jeans from No Limbits costs $70 and is available in many colors for both men and women.

Erica already thinks ahead and is working on sensory gear and wheelchair-accessible pants, which she hoped would be available at the highest level of fashion in the United States in February.

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