What Has Happened to the LavaBox Shark Tank?

What Has Happened to the LavaBox Shark Tank? ...

A tiny mistake in setting a campfire can cost hundreds of lives, according to the US Forest Service. This article was published on ABC's 'Shark Tank' season 14, episode 18.

Who Are They and What Do They Do at LavaBox?

Colorado prohibited campers from igniting campfires due to extreme dry conditions in 2020. Joshua Thurmond, an entrepreneur, realized his novelty and created his "flamethrower in a box." He used propane as lead inside an ammo box and added some ceramic stones.

Josh completed his Bachelors in History from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He began his career as a technology coordinator/ program administrator/technology coordinator/ program administrator for Denver District Attorney's Office in 2012.

Josh started his career at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in 2014 and joined Handbid as their Director of Client Services in August 2020. The University of Coloroday alum has since established LavaBox, which is currently serving as the company's Chief Eruption Officer.

What Has Happened to LavaBox?

LavaBox is a portable camping device that allows anyone to enjoy camping in a hassle-free manner without having to deal with forest fires. Each model is compatible with a standard 3/8 flare, and you can easily set up the whole thing up with ease.

This LavaBox features a can box, burt tank, Hose, and Regulator as primary components. Hades stones may be used as additional materials if desired, but it is not advised to burn wood in this box as it might damage the paint finish.

The company is also offering a $ 299.50 Lava and Chocolate Gift Pack, which includes various items like the Over-Under Grill Thingy, a Burt's Tank Top, a Hades Stones, and Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves.

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