What Has Happened to the Bleni Shark Tank?

What Has Happened to the Bleni Shark Tank? ...

Soft drinks and sodas have taken a backseat in the "drink game," and smoothies have been winning. Most people do not want to go through the labors of making them. Most don't have the time or patience to make smoothies amid the hustle and bustle.

On Season 14, episode 18 of ABC's 'Shark Tank,' brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro visited Bleni Blends, an innovative smoothie vending machine that makes different flavored smoothies in under a minute.

Who Are They and What Do They Do?Bleni: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Bleni Blends, a smoothie vending machine, was founded in 2019 by brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro. They enlisted the expertise of some of the most creative individuals to develop a vending machine that serves delicious, nutritious smoothies prepared from natural fruit in only 60 seconds.

Stuart completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, General at Tulane University. He later became the Department Head for Negotiations at his creditors' rights-focused family law company, Shapiro Law Office PC.

Stuart and Peter owned, managed, and sold 15 rental properties in the Pocono Mountains over four years. In the Greater Philadelphia area, they re-established Robotic Desserts LLC in 2016 as the owner-operator of the Reis & Irvy frozen yogurt robot. He later received his MBA degree from Temple University.

While serving as the Vice President of Enrollment Management, Peter was responsible for 30 employees in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Four Seasons Investments, LLC was established shortly after Hurricane Katrina. In 2019, the siblings launched Bleni Blends, a smoothie vendor machine that only prepares smoothies without dairy in just 60 seconds.

What Has Happened to Bleni?

Bleni Blends has had a great year since its launch in 2019. The turquoise vending machines offer on-demand smoothies in seven flavors, including strawberries, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, spinach, fruits, coffee, and chocolate, as well as nutritional information that can be seen before purchasing.

Bleni Blends operates seventeen vending machines around the greater Philadelphia region, highlighting many healthcare facilities.

This machine has been installed at 51 locations across the United Malls, airports, museums, and universities. In February 2022, the Methodist Dallas Medical Center at Weber State University acquired this device. The inventor displayed their invention with Compass Group USA in September 2022.

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