Shark Tank Update on Ice Cream Canteens: Where Are They Now?

Shark Tank Update on Ice Cream Canteens: Where Are They Now? ...

Jordan Stern, an avid traveler and entrepreneur, was disappointed when he realized there was no way to keep ice cream cold for long periods while on the move. However, he believed that if a thermos could keep something warm for hours, it could do the opposite for cold foods. That was when Jordan presented the product on 'Shark Tank' episode 15: How Does It Work?

Who Are They and What Do They Do at the Ice Cream Canteen?

Jordan Stern, the inventor of The Ice Cream Canteen, graduated from the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo in 2012, but he chose to stay in a camper van instead of pursuing a traditional professional career. Consequently, he purchased a camper van to travel to all corners of the country in the same place for the following years.

Jordan soon realized there was no viable strategy to keep his perishables. He loved consuming it whenever, yet there was no certainty when he would buy some next.

Jordan realized that a standard thermos used to store hot drinks and snacks could be modified into an effective storage device for long periods of time. He returned to the drawing board and ultimately developed The Ice Cream Canteen, which is a stylish vacuum-insulated container that can keep ice cream frozen for hours. Additionally, it comes with an air and water-tight seal and an insulated cap that keeps the contents fresh and safe.

Jordan stated that while the container is designed to hold pints up to 16oz, one can scoop ice cream directly into the Ice Cream Canteen to keep it frozen. On the other hand, the entrepreneur added that the body is coated with a no-slip grip, making transportation easier.

What Has Happened to the Ice Cream Canteen?

Jordan Stern developed The Ice Cream Canteen while on the road in 2017, but he sold it in December 2018, and the team spent two years researching and developing the product, all of which culminated in the completion of a prototype. In the following year, Jordan launched a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $121,218 for the product.

Jordan quickly established a loyal customer base thanks to this investment.

Jordan's rapid rise to the top is truly inspiring. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

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