Elizabeth Sullivans Friend, Calandra Duckett?

Elizabeth Sullivans Friend, Calandra Duckett? ...

'Dateline: Secrets by the Bay' is a podcast that delves deeply into a 2014 disappearance and murder case that shocked California and the entire country to the core. He was eventually identified as her murderer, and he let everyone close to his wife, including Calandra Duckett, believe that Elizabeth had gone on her own.

Calandra Duckett and Elizabeth Sullivan were best friends. They had established an unbreakable bond, and they remained connected until Elizabeth moved to San Diego to visit Matthew. Thus, Calandra knew everything about their difficult relationship, Elizabeth's intentions to leave her husband, and what she hoped to do for their children in the near future.

Calandra claimed that her best friend had gone wrong in order for her to return to her children from the beginning. She stated that both her and their daughters had never been in the middle of the divorce. Yet, she still hoped that her friend would be found alive and well one day, but it unfortunately never happened, leaving her in awed state.

Calandra Duckett: What Has Happened to her?

Calandra Duckett traveled to California once again to address the court and explain how Matthew Sullivan's demonic act has splintered my heart. “This sentence is going to do absolutely nothing to ameliorate [the fact she is gone], although it may help pack the splinter left out by Matthew Sullivan's deed,” she said while avoiding tears.

Calandra took to social media to express how important this whole legal process was to her: “I got sent to jail yesterday for taking you away from us. You will forever be my favorite rockstar mom.” She seems to be concentrating on her marriage to Charlie Duckett and attending Hampton University.

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