From Evo Japan in 2023, Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama will play the game

From Evo Japan in 2023, Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama will play the game ...

Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled two new Tekken 8 gameplay videos during the Tekken 7 EVO Japan 2023 Finals today, featuring Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama!

Check out the official gameplay trailers for both fighters, as well as some background information on both.

Leroy Smith made his debut at Tekken 7 during the third Season Pass.

Biography (via Tekken fandom):

Leroy grew up in New York, where his whole family was killed in a gang brawl, and Leroy himself was swept out to sea. Fortunately, a passing trade ship picked him up and took him back. He continued his martial art until he saw Wing Chun in Hong Kong.

Asuka Kazama was first introduced in Tekken 5 and has been featured in every major Tekken game since. She is Jin's cousin and Jun's niece.

Biography (via Tekken fandom):

Asuka is a member of the Kazama family and a practising instructor of Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts from a young age, and she always had a strong sense of justice. She became well-known around Osaka for resolving disputes.

Remember when Leroy was overpowered in Tekken 7? Don't worry, there'll be no further overwatching the rest of the official gameplay videos for Tekken 8, including a 30-minute video featuring Harada explaining some of the new gameplay mechanics.

Although no release date has been announced yet, the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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