More Than a Game, MLB The Show 23 is a review of the show

More Than a Game, MLB The Show 23 is a review of the show ...

Many sports games have become a tradition as a joke punchline. Sure, new versions of sports games have the latest graphics and mechanics, but they are mostly a glorified roster update. This isn't the case with MLB The Show 23.

This year's game is praised for being the finest authentic baseball simulator available. It also teaches fans about key iconic Black ballplayers who today play the sport.

The gameplay also feels good.

The most recent MLB The Show 23 mode is without a doubt its finest. They include Satchel Paige, Hilton Smith, Rube Foster, Hank Thompson, Buck O'Neil, Jackie Robinson, John Donaldson, and Martin Dihigo.

Jackie Robinson is well-known among baseball enthusiasts, since he was the first black player to play in the Brooklyn Dodgers. Or maybe Rube Foster, the man who first conceived the Negro Leagues in the first place, who is well-known for their sacrifices and triumphs?

Each player will have eight or nine episodes that cover specific topics they've encountered in their career. You'll complete the tasks in each episode while also learning about the impact they had on baseball.

MLB The Show 23 does not include the Negro Leagues storylines; it includes the same game modes as previous versions: Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, March to October, and Franchise. Perhaps it's just really great stuff that doesn't require any tweaking at all? As you strive to fulfill your MLB ambitions, use Road to the Show as your career mode.

As you learn to pitch, field, and hit, you may choose whatever position to play. You'll need to complete tasks to unlock new equipment and rewards to help enhance your abilities.

If Road to the Show isn't your cup of tea, there's always Diamond Dynasty or Franchise. Franchise is the standard team-building technique, with you taking charge of the team when it comes to lineups, scouting, and dealing with free agency. You may choose how much or less control you have over the team, depending on the complexity of the team.

Diamond Dynasty is a two-player team-building mode that combines card collecting and team-building by creating a team based on cards you unlock in packs. There are missions to complete that will earn you XP and the Stubs currency that you can use to purchase more card packs.

If you want a more traditional baseball experience, Diamond Dynasty offers mini-seasons that last three innings, as well as online modes that reward team-specific unlockables.

MLB The Show 23 is a solid product, whether it's creating your own character in Road to the Show or attempting to build a championship team in either Franchise or Diamond Dynasty. It's features like this that make a game a story that goes beyond the sport it represents. This is no small feat for an annual sports game.



  • Negro Leagues Storylines
  • Road to the Show Skill Set and Perks
  • Earn XP through any mode
  • Soundtrack


  • Diamond Dynasty jersey customization is almost unusable
  • No place to just look at all the rosters

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