Mika is the smallest hero in Genshin Impact

Mika is the smallest hero in Genshin Impact ...

All of this is a result of the strange skull structure.

Genshin Impact has a new smallest male hero after the release of the second banner of update 3.5. Mika is a new character that has been added to the game along with a banner.

Mika, by a considerable margin, defeats Saino and Xiao, the game's shortest heroes. All of this is caused by Miki's peculiar skull shape.

Mika's head was squashed a lot by Genshin Impact's designers. If you disable the rendering of the hair, Miki's model becomes noticeably shorter than Xiao.

The height difference between Mika and Xiao is clearly greater, since Mika is only three millimeters taller than Saino's. Without taking into account the hair, Mika appears to be about the same height as Eimiya.

Here's a second story.

Mika's head is still unfixed. This question is still being debated by fans, who are practicing wit. The most popular answer is this: Mika was unsuccessfully dropped as a child.

Fans suggest that you examine Miku and Xiao again to verify the theory. If you examine the faces closely, it becomes evident that the main features of the characters are at the same height – every difference is in the flattened crown.

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