Quantum Break will soon be removed from Game Pass

Quantum Break will soon be removed from Game Pass ...

We also see some games disappear from the service in the same way as new games are added to Game Pass every month. However, one of the games that was recently added to the Coming Soon tab surprised gamers.

Quantum Break, a third-person shooter developed by Remedy, would be leaving Microsoft's subscription service in the near future. It's strange and uncomprehensible to imagine an Xbox game departing from the company's own service.

User theories for this can be varied, including copyright concerns with songs, or even with Lance Reddick's reputation, which included a member of the game who recently died. True, the game would also have to be removed from the store, which has not yet been observed.

Others speculate that Remedy acquired Microsoft's rights to the game. In the past, Remedy had brought Alan Wake back the rights to their shared gaming universe.

There is currently no explanation as to why Quantum Break is removing from Microsoft's subscription service. Therefore, it is recommended to play the game while there is still time.

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