Half-Life Alyx without VR: Free Early Access now available

Half-Life Alyx without VR: Free Early Access now available ...

While SoMNst's work on Half-Life Alyx's premium mod without VR is continuing, independent programmers GB_2 has announced that he has begun the Early Access phase of his free mod that promises to allow us to play Half-Life Alyx's campaign without having to use a headset for Virtual Reality.

The fan-made expansion of GB_2 has the additional advantage of being both simple to install on PC and, quite frankly, completely free. In its current version, the mod Half-Life Alyx NoVR grants access to all main campaign activities until Chapter 7.

The mod changes the complex dynamics of environmental interaction into a new non-VR environment: take a look at the amateur developer's demonstration video to see how GB_2 managed to 'transpose onto monitors' the extraordinary experience returned by Valve's blockbuster on viewers in virtual reality.

If you are interested, you will find a link to a modDB page that allows you to download for free the half-Life Alyx preview version that allows you to play it without the help of Virtual Reality viewers. First, let's look at Valve's VR masterpiece, Half-Life Alyx.

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