The best VPN in France costs almost nothing and transforms you into a ghost

The best VPN in France costs almost nothing and transforms you into a ghost ...

Despite the influencer buzz, most people haven't understood the purpose of this subscription, which costs around €2 per month. On the web in 2023, you will have access to a fairly essential service.

The general public does not comprehend this technical term.

Subscribing to a VPN would seem to be like paying for an insurance policy for your internet connection, at a much lower cost. However, surfing a sea of pirates without securing your board is a bad idea.

As you know, there are a lot of dangerous internet sites. What you may not know is that questionable web sites and emails aren't the only possible entry points for a hacker. The internet you connect to is another, and it's massive. It only takes a moment of distraction to infect your smartphone or PC!

Use a VPN to make yourself invisible to hackers at a public WiFi terminal (university, café, library, train station... anywhere other than your house)

Cyberghost VPN is a flat fee, for a square service subscription.

Subscribing to a VPN makes you invisible on the internet, which is why Cyberghost chose the ghost emblem as its logo: it wants to demonstrate that your anonymity will be protected.

A VPN is not designed to circumvent certain rules of use of a website, for example! If you use a VPN to connect in a foreign country to pay a lower subscription for example, you may be subject to a fine!

VPNs are also popular among gamers, whether it's for a history of skill, hours of connection, or traffic congestion on the servers.

Cyberghost VPN allows you to do all of this while at JVTECH, for many reasons:

The servers are extremely stable There is no reason to worry about a connection interruption A single account allows for seven simultaneous connections 7000 servers are available The after-sales service is extremely helpful and prompt The interface is very comfortable on smartphones as well as computers.

NordVPN, CyberGhost's largest competitor, is well-known internationally. Because of its robust marketing campaigns, NorVPN is the number one in France.

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